“All authority is given to Me in heaven and on earth... And behold, I am with you always, even to the consummation of the age.” - Matthew 28:18, 20
Kempton New Church

West End Rejuvenation

Hello, thank you for taking an interest in the West End renovations for our church.

The Building Committee has been considering better access to the church for handicapped individuals, along with improved washrooms and parking. This has been a priority of ours for at least the last five years. There has been much to consider. The committee is in general agreement that a new entrance should be added to our church along the west side of the building. Our ideas were influenced by trying to stay within the footprint of our existing building.

We feel the existing kitchen entrance is not ideal or safe. The North doors are too far from the washrooms, difficult for newcomers to find and precludes any future builds. Ramps, lifts, and other ideas were also carefully considered. Some of the better ideas were incorporated into our recommendations.

Our objectives have been and are to:

  1. Create a respectful, dignified entrance
  2. Create ease of entering the building if physically challenged
  3. Make it comfortable for those who drove themselves or who were driven
  4. Alter the parking to work well with new entrance
  5. Wind protection
  6. Provide temporary seating, perhaps inside and outside of the entrance
  7. Have proximity to the washrooms
  8. Modernize the washrooms while making them wheelchair and handicap accessible
  9. Update the kitchen

    (Due to the kitchen being on the West, with shared utilities to the other spaces, it seems the time for an upgrade. Improving the kitchen would support the society and school and their many kitchen uses.)

The building committee’s recent efforts have been stalled by differing opinions about where exactly to add the new entrance. One idea the Corner Plan, is to come through Arne’s old office, enlarging the vestibule to include some of the office and using some of the space to improve the washrooms. The second idea, the Center Plan, is to have an entrance that aligns with the center of the chancel as shown in the plans drawn by architect, Al Holm.

As individuals on the committee, we see pros and cons to each of the main ideas and respond to them differently. Either plan will be an improvement for our church. Well- marked and understood handicap drop off, parking, and entrance with improved washrooms and updated kitchen will benefit all users.

The Building Committee is asking for you to consider both options and indicate by vote which you prefer. We are asking which plan represents the will of the society. From there we will refine our ideas and be back to you with a final idea. That will be the time to have a yes or no vote with the society for going forward. That plan will have a money estimate.