“All religion is of life; and the life of religion is to do good.” - Doctrine of Life §1
Kempton New Church

Current and Upcoming Services:

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New service list — All recordings of services are being incorporated into the new archive list. Until the transformation is complete, the old lists will remain available.

Old list of videos — The old version of the list of video services is available here:
Old list of audios — The old list of audio recordings is available here:
Old list of text sermons — The old list of text sermons is available here:

Skipping preludes — We are starting to add the start-time to the playback link. This means the video will start playing at the beginning of the first hymn. If you want to listen to the prelude (or the silence) you can back up the video to the beginning.

No sound? — Most of the music that we play at the beginning and end of the service and for interludes during the service is recorded music that is copyrighted, so we cannot stream it. You may hear silence at these times.

Due to streaming delays, you may not hear anything (or see the service start) until several minutes after the scheduled time. There should be sound with the stream when you see the minister enter the chancel.

There will usually be about five minutes of streaming at the beginning and end of the service. (Occasionally there has been much more, so you may want to skip ahead if you are playing an archived service.)

End missing? — When we have a Holy Supper service, the streaming stops at the end of the hymn that precedes the Holy Supper, so you will miss the benediction, closing hymn, and the closing of the Word.

Order of Service? — The most recent services include a link to a document showing the order of service. To see the Order of Service for some older services, click on the video and look for the YouTube icon in the corner. If you click on the YouTube icon, it should take you to the the YouTube site where the video is stored. Below the video there should be a description that includes the Order of Service (not included with some older services). You may need to click on the words “SEE MORE” below the title of the service on the YouTube page to see the description.

The names of the Hymns should be in the Order of Service. The numbers will be numbers from the Kempton Worship Book (or, at Festival times, the Kempton Festival Worship Book).

Archived Services: