“In Jesus Christ dwells all the fullness of the Divine bodily.” - Colossians 2:6, 9
Kempton New Church

Summer 2001

Dear Neighbor,

I’d like to welcome you to visit the New Church in Kempton. The New Church offers beautiful new ideas about the Lord, His Word, eternal life, marriage and many other subjects.

We try to provide mutual support in living according to the Lord’s Word. Worship services, at 10:00 Sunday morning, include readings from the Sacred Scriptures and from the Doctrine for the New Church, some hymns, a talk and a prayer, and Sunday School classes for children. We also offer a variety of classes each week including a class for inquirers. We have a school from kindergarten through tenth grade to support the life of religion at home.

Some of the main teachings of the New Church are as follows:

  • There is one God, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whom is the trinity.
  • To believe in God is to believe the Word and to live according to it.
  • Shunning evils as sins according to the Ten Commandments is the Christian religion itself.
  • The Lord’s Word, the Bible, contains a symbolic spiritual meaning that applies to all people in all times.
  • The second coming of the Lord is the revelation of this spiritual meaning. It especially provides a new understanding of the Lord so that we can know Him and love Him.
  • There is a heaven and a hell and a life after death.
  • After death a person lives in a complete human form.
  • Our life on earth is preparation for a life of eternal usefulness in heaven.
  • Marriage was designed by the Lord God to begin in this world and grow forever in heaven.
  • All people in the entire world are saved who acknowledge God and refrain from evils as being sins against Him.
  • For more information, look up www.newchurch.org, or send email to lawson@enter.net, or call the number below.

    Rev. Andy Heilman is the assistant pastor and I am the pastor. I came to Kempton recently after serving similar congregations in South Africa and Maryland. I’d welcome the chance to get to know you.


    Rev. Lawson M. Smith