“These things I have spoken to you in parables, but the hour is coming when I will no more speak to you in proverbs, but will announce to you plainly concerning the Father.” - John 16:25
Kempton New Church

Church Setup and Ushering:


If you are scheduled for usher duty and cannot be there, please get your own substitute from the list of ushers. Church set-up is a combination of usher, chancel girl, and janitor duties. Please make sure the Church is presentable.


DOORS: The doors will usually be unlocked, but in case they are not already unlocked, please unlock the front door and the kitchen door. Use the allen wrench key to hold down the push bars. The key for the front door hangs inside the foyer closet, on the left. The key for the kitchen door hangs to the left of the door up high.

LIGHTS: Turn lights on before the service, and off afterwards.

FANS/HEAT/WINDOWS: If it is hot, open the windows and put the fan on low. Please close the windows at the end of the service. The thermostat is automatic, so please do not change it.

CHAIRS in the SOCIETY ROOM: Set up about four rows of chairs in the Society Room.

SET UP the NUMBER BOARDS: The minister will have put an order of service on the piano. There are four boards to build, one on each side of the chancel and one on each side of the doors into the Society room. Remember to put up the Sunday School tile when needed—usually the first and third Sundays.

WELCOME BOXES: There are two wooden boxes that hold welcome brochures that should be hung on the doorposts between the Society room and the Sanctuary. They are usually near the sound system.

CANDLES: The (7) candles should be reasonably long. Remove excess wax and cut wicks to ¼”. There are boxes of extra candles in the cabinet to the side of the chancel. The candles are usually lit and put out by a girl from the usher’s family, or you could ask a girl to do it for you. The candles should be lit before a lot of people have entered the church for the service. The candles should be put out soon after the second interlude is begun and before the church is almost empty. Announcements will not be done until the candles are put out and the postlude music has finished playing.

FLOWERS: It is nice to have some kind of flowers on at least the left side of the altar.

MINISTER’S KNEELER, CHAIR, and WATER: Please make sure these items are in place. Put a glass of fresh water on the small table behind the minister’s chair.

OFFERTORY BOWL: Put the offertory bowl on the table at the back of the church. You may find the bowl in the vestry.


COUNTING PEOPLE: The counters and attendance book are in the usher cabinet hanging on the wall near the piano. The two counters are for recording both the child and adult attendance (adults are college age and above). For Holy Supper service, please note the total number of communicants as a separate entry in the attendance book.

END OF OPENING SONG: Please note the length of the opening song, then try to keep people from entering the church during the opening of the Word and the saying of the prayer.

BRINGING UP THE OFFERTORY: This is usually done by the usher, or ask another usher to do it for you. The order of service will show which song is designated as the “Offertory.” The usher passes the offertory bowl to the minister, and the minister will turn and silently say a prayer. The usher should not leave the rail until the minister completes the prayer.

END OF SERVICE: Put data into the attendance book, marking child and adult attendance in the appropriate columns. Note also the type of service, the title of the service (found on the order of service), and the presiding minister.


HOLY SUPPER: The kneeling cushions are in the cabinet to the side of the chancel, and in the minister’s vestry. The railing for the middle opening is also in the vestry.

WOODS SERVICE: Check with the pastor or the secretary for set-up requirements, which are also posted on the bulletin board in the school hallway.

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