“All religion is of life; and the life of religion is to do good.” - Doctrine of Life §1
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The Vastation of the Church

The sayings of Jehovah are clean sayings, Silver refined in a crucible of earth, refined sevenfold. Psalm 22:19


Prophets and Psalms 0. The things that follow [in this little work treat of]:

1.   The Lord’s advent.
2.   The successive vastation of the church.
3.   The church totally devastated, and its rejection.
4.   The rejection of the Lord by the church.
5.   The Lord’s temptations in general.
6.   Temptation even to despair.
7.   The combats of the Lord with the hells.
8.   Victory over them, or their subjugation.
9.   The passion of the cross.
10.   The glorification of the Human of the Lord, or its union with the Divine.
11.   A new church in place of the former.
12.   A new church together with a new heaven.
13.   The state of humiliation before the Father.
15.1A last judgment by the Lord.
16.   Celebration and worship of the Lord.
17.   Redemption and salvation by the Lord.

This week we will focus on numbers 2, 3, 4, and 15.

Definition of “vastation”: AC 407. It generally happens with the passage of time that the Church reaches a state when it departs from true faith until at last it comes to be entirely destitute of faith, when it is said to be “vastated” [or “laid waste”].... At the time of the Lord’s advent the Jewish Church was in such a state of vastation that they knew nothing about the Lord.... Such was also the case with the primitive Christian Church, or that which existed after the Lord’s advent, and which at this day is so completely vastated that there is no faith remaining in it. Yet there always remains some nucleus of a church, which those who are vastated as to faith do not acknowledge....

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