“In Jesus Christ dwells all the fullness of the Divine bodily.” - Colossians 2:6, 9
Kempton New Church

Week 6
Day 4


Uses in Heaven

Thus said Jehovah: My son, My firstborn, is Israel. And I say to thee, Send My son away, that he may serve Me. —Exodus 4:22-23
“That he may serve Me” signifies elevation into heaven in order to perform uses therefrom, is evident from the signification of “serving Jehovah,” or the Lord, as being to perform uses… because true worship consists in the performance of uses…. The very worship of the Lord consists in performing uses…. The angels in heaven have all happiness from uses, and according to uses, so that to them uses are heaven. —AC 7038

Examples of angelic uses in heaven.

Matthew 10:42. And whoever shall give a cup of cold water to one of these little ones to drink in the name of a disciple, amen I say to you, he shall not lose his reward.

HH 391. As all the societies in the heavens are distinct in accordance with their goods… so they are distinct in accordance with their uses, goods being goods in act, that is, goods of charity, which are uses. Some societies are employed in taking care of little children; others in teaching and training them as they grow up; others in teaching and training in like manner the boys and girls that have acquired a good disposition from their education in the world, and in consequence have come into heaven. There are other societies that teach the simple good from the Christian world and lead them into the way to heaven. There are others that in like manner teach and lead the various heathen nations. There are some societies that defend from infestations by evil spirits the newly arrived spirits that have just come from the world. There are some that attend upon the spirits that are in the lower earth; also some that attend upon spirits that are in the hells, and restrain them from tormenting each other beyond prescribed limits.

HH 332. As soon as little children are resuscitated, which takes place immediately after death, they are taken into heaven and confided to angel women who in the life of the body tenderly loved little children and at the same time loved God.

There is writing in heaven.

HH 258. As the angels have speech, and their speech consists of words, they also have writings; and by writing as well as by speech they give expression to what is in their minds.

Angels write, and their books are permanent.

HH 262. It is a notable fact that the writings in the heavens flow naturally from their very thoughts, and this so easily that the thought puts itself forth, as it were, and the hand never hesitates in the choice of a word, because both the words they speak and those they write correspond to the ideas of their thought; and all correspondence is natural and spontaneous. There are also writings in the heavens that exist without the aid of the hand, from mere correspondence with the thoughts; but these are not permanent.

HH 388. [In societies of heaven there are] domestic affairs; see where the dwellings and homes of angels are treated of (183-190), and marriages in heaven (366-368). All of which show that in every heavenly society there are many employments and services.

HH 393. Those are concerned with ecclesiastical affairs in heaven who in the world loved the Word and eagerly sought in it for truths, not with honor or gain as an end, but uses of life both for themselves and for others. These in heaven are in enlightenment and in the light of wisdom in the measure of their love and desire for use…. These minister in the preaching office….

HH 393:2. Those are concerned with civil affairs who in the world loved their country, and loved its common good more than their own, and did what is just and right from a love for what is just and right.

Apocalypse Explained 1214. Those that are skilled in the sciences of botany, chemistry, medicine, and pharmacy, come after death into a knowledge of spiritual uses from the plants in the spiritual world, and cultivate that knowledge and find the greatest delight in it. I have talked with such and have heard from them wonderful things.

Questions and Comments
  1. In reading this sampling of angelic uses, what thoughts did you have about how your own skills and delight in being useful might carry over into heaven?
  2. How does your view of heaven change when you think about people writing and reading books, taking care of a home, coordinating the uses of others, cultivating the knowledge of how to use spiritual plants, etc?
  3. Next time a child asks what people do in heaven, what might you say?
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